The Roads of Il Lombardia with Alberto Elli

If you’re familiar with the final professional cycling Monument of the season, Il Lombardia, then you have undoubtedly seen Hotel Il Perlo in the background of the race’s iconic photos as Bartali, Coppi, and Nibali race up the famous Ghisallo climb and our family and guests cheer them on. Our history with this race continues as we host cyclists for a special week of riding the roads of Il Lombardia and watching it in person with our Cycling Manager, lead guide, and 10-time veteran of the race, Alberto Elli.

On this 112th edition of the Race of the Falling Leaves, join Hotel Il Perlo and ComoLagoBike from October 10-14, 2018 for our seventh year providing the most authentic Il Lombardia cycling experience on Lake Como. We have put together a special program for you - our cycling tifosi - to make the most of this legendary cycling event: group rides with Alberto, special access to Il Lombardia events, private dinners, sports massage and sauna recovery, a picnic on the Muro, and transport to and from the second annual Granfondo Il Lombardia. Whether for one day or all five, you will be immersed in the history, excitement, and challenge of this final Monument of the season.



Wednesday, October 10 - Group Ride with Alberto, a Medium level ride introducing you to Lake Como. Post-ride meal at Hotel il Perlo.

Thursday, October 11 - Group Ride with Alberto, a Hard level ride previewing the course of Il Lombardia including the Ghisallo and Muro di Sormano. Post-ride meal at Hotel il Perlo.

Friday, October 12 - Group Ride with Alberto, a Medium level ride taking the ferry and climbing to neighboring Lake Lugano. Post-ride meal at Hotel il Perlo.

Saturday, October 13 - A Hard level Group Ride with Alberto to watch the race and picnic on the Muro di Sormano. Group dinner in Bellagio.

Sunday, October 14 - Granfondo Il Lombardia, shuttle service between Bellagio and Como


Daily Summary



Days 1-3: The Roads of Il Lombardia with Alberto Elli

Il Lombardia Week begins with three days riding the roads of Lake Como with Alberto Elli. As your guide he will take you to some of the most panoramic lakeside roads and climbs that the pros will be racing, including the iconic Ghisallo and Muro di Sormano. This is a special chance to follow his wheel and improve your skills with one of Italy’s most decorated professional cyclists. You will hear his stories from racing Il Lombardia as a pro, all the while learning his strategies for the race and its climbs. These guided group rides will be 3-4 hours in length and classified as Medium to Hard routes, but as with all our guided rides they will be no-drop and full of fun and adventure.


Days 1-3 Group Rides with Alberto

  • Daily guided tour rate: €40/person

  • Daily Bottecchia rental: €40/person

  • Daily post-ride meal at Hotel Il Perlo: €15/person

  • Total daily package rate with Bottecchia bike rental: €85/person

  • Total daily package rate with personal bike: €55/person


Day 4: Race Day Watching Il Lombardia

The day of Il Lombardia you will ride along the lake with Alberto from Bellagio to Nesso, then make the challenging climb to the Colma di Sormano, riding up the steep hairpin turns that the pros will be descending hours later. Our staff will have a perfect spot staked out on the Muro di Sormano for a picnic as we wait for the pros to reach this incredible climb and watch them turn over the pedals at an unimaginable pace. After they pass through, your ride will continue down to Asso then up to the Ghisallo where we will watch the finish of the race on the television at The Ghisallino restaurant. In the evening regale the race highlights with a special group dinner at the Carillon restaurant in Bellagio.


Day 4 Group Ride and Watching Il Lombardia

  • Guided tour and special events including a picnic on the Muro di Sormano and watching the final on television at the Ghisallino restaurant: €65/person

  • Bottecchia rental: €40/person

  • Group dinner in Bellagio at Carillon restaurant: €30/person


Day 5: Granfondo Il Lombardia

After four days priming your legs, mind and spirit with Alberto, Sunday will be the test at the second annual Granfondo Il Lombardia. The race begins in Como and finishes 103 kilometers later above Como at the top of the Civiglio climb. Registration for the event is separate, and we will offer special shuttle services to and from the event in Como for both you and your bike so you do not need to worry about logistics, just making the most of your race. Upon your return it is time enjoy a well deserved beverage and prepare to say arrivederci until next season.


Day 5 Granfondo Il Lombardia

  • Entry available separately from Il Lombardia website

  • Bottecchia rental: €40/person

  • 5:30AM transfer to Como, €30/person/bike

  • 4:30PM transfer from Como, €30/person/bike

Full Week Package and Add-Ons

  • Full package with Bottecchia rental bike: €405/person

  • Full package with personal bike: €305/person

  • Professional Sports Massage: €50/45 minutes

  • UV Dry Sauna: €10/person


The ultimate Il Lombardia experience. Ride with the Yellow Jersey

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